Monte Cassino 1000 points of Germans

I’m almost ready to go for the Bolt Action Melbourne August (BAMA).

As the only painted 28mm models for the second world war that I have, I will be taking my Heer.  We’re using 1,000 point lists so I will be able to include the reinforcements I posted recently of a sniper team, Arty FO and a kubelwagon.

My list has a lot of boys, which I suspect is a little under-optimised compared to some tournament players.  Rather than other toys all of my infantry squads have LMG. I know some folk think LMG are a bit of a waste. But theme. And, since we are going to use Format Season 2 rules (check them out over at, at 5 points per squad LMG I found I had enough change for a medic. Medics are great.

My list is themed around the determined defenders on the Gustav line, who absorbed enormous damage from the equally determined Allies pushing up the Italian peninsula but dealt a lot of damage in return.

A forward observer will represent the artillery that was such a big part of the fighting at Monte Cassio and in the hills behind Anzio. And 100 points for something that gets one shot that might come down on your own head, well that is hard to pass up.

Snipers also appear in the accounts that I have been reading and with close to one shot one kill, these guys will generally pay for themselves each game.

By early August I will have a squad of the iconic Monte Cassino defenders, the Fallschirmjager, ready to go. These boys should be able to go and do the hard jobs, supported by the grendadiers of the regular army as needed.

Anyway, here is my prettied up list: HeerBAMA15

No photos this week, because I’ve already posted the painted ones in earlier posts and the paratroopers are still just base coated. Time to head to the painting desk.


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