Heer come some reinforcements

They’ve been a while coming but some specialists have arrived to support my German Heer for Bolt Action.

A kubelwagen for the boss, complete with a machine gun in case he needs to cause some havoc at a distance.

heer11 heer12

A sniper team. I’ve been on the receiving end of these often enough and I think they fit my Monte Carlo theme very well. Wearing camo smocks will help tell them apart from the regular grenadiers and also alludes to their tactics of hiding in cover waiting for kills.


Artillery was a prominent feature of many of the Monte Cassio battles (as was air support for the Allies), so a forward observer will be useful in larger points games to bring down the big guns. What could go wrong?


Medics are great and I do like this model of one of these brave soldiers running through the battle to help his comrades. The Bolt Action medic rules are pretty cool too, effectively given a unit feel no pain rolls!
Not quite done is a truck. This a spanish one but I figure some Italian troop drove home in it after the civil war and it is now commandeered by the Germans.
It is a bit clean to reflect such an old jalopy, so a bit of weathering is to come.

I’ve not got any Bolt Action games in recently. Family committment meant I missed G-Patrol (which sounded like a top day), but I’ve got Bolt Action Melbourne in August in my diary and I’m looking forward to that. I am getting some WWII games in with regular evenings of Memoir 44 with my friend Andy. Memoir is a ripping little game. We have fought through Africa and Italy and now we moved into the Ardennes in December of 1944. Hard fought battles all.


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