For the Emprah!

Citizens rejoice, the minions of chaos have been given a bloody nose as loyal soldiers of the Imperium have go over to the offensive.  A combined arms attachment have defeated a daemon incursion bought about by the foul rites of a traitor marine coven and their damned followers.

James and Rob bought over a bunch of toys and we played 3,000 points a side of 40K. We set up on long table edges with six objectives and played with the maelstrom of war tactical cards, three per side.

James had his Grey Knights, assisted by Exorcists and an Inquisitor. Rob had Guard, Sisters and Marines – so pretty much every loyal faction was represented.

Opposing them were Chaos Space Marines and Slaanesh Daemons.  Having had a narrow win in a bruising encounter against the Grey Knights last time we met I was quietly confident. After all I had a bunch of terminators ready to deep strike and three vindicators. What could possibly go wrong?Arc15_03Quite a bit, it turns out.  Did you know that Grey Knights can deep strike on turn one?


Hey Sisters, I think I’m going to need some help over here

Chosen about to be minced

Chosen about to be minced

Daemonettes showing the correct way to deal withGK  Terminators

Daemonettes showing the correct way to deal with GK Terminators

The other wing didn’t quite go as planned either. A rock hard unit of noise marines were kebabbed by a different sort of Sister:

I think there were some sternguard there too

I think there were some sternguard there too


The eviserator wielding priest is close to MVP for mine. He tore up some Noise Marines, a couple of Word Bearers and a Vindicator. Not a bad day’s work for the frothing chap.

And to add insult to injury, my sorcerer got turned into a spawn when winning against a Canoness was deemed unworthy:


The role of spawn was bought to you today by Syd the Arcanasaur

(Spawn was subsequently caught milling about in open and hosed by bolters or lasguns or something else undignified like that.)

Back on the other wing things didn’t get any better. While I was dealing with the Grey Knight terminators a dread knight showed up and, while it took several turns, stomped on the remaining daemonettes.


Hint for novice daemonettes: for rending to work you need to roll 6s

The cultists did well by their drug addled standards. After milling about in some mud-filled craters they successfully charged a unit of Legion of the Damned and went on to seize an objective! Too little too late to change the outcome, however.


A big shout out to the boys in Imperial Tower. Psykers turing 6s into rending shots on targeted units, with some old-fashioned Guard fire discipline can really mess up your day:


Well done boys.

The final margin can be judged by the height of the two piles. A clear victory to the Imperium.


The changing situation bought on by the tactical cards really can bring a game to life. I still like missions with clear objectives but the fluidity required to win with the tactical cards brings a fun level of chaos and some genuine generalship challenges to a game as you seek to exploit the hand you’re dealt.

So on a beautiful, sunny day in the Republic of Northcote it was a pleasure to be inside playing dollies.

easter14Thanks Lads.


2 thoughts on “For the Emprah!

  1. A very enjoyable summary of your battle. I like the use of the close up pictures to illustrate it. Look forward to any more that you do like that. Cheerio


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