It’s hip to be square

I’ve had a bunch of dwarves undercoated for around three Warhammer army books. This is no great loss as I’ve never played a game of Warhammer Fantasy anyway. A longish story that-why I have a fantasy army but don’t play fantasy-but I going to leave that to another post. Today is about painting.

In some of the time I saved by not playing fantasy, I started painting the dwarves.
Here is the first unit, some longbeards close to finished but before basing:


I love the guy in the middle: who needs a shield, I’ll deal with you when I finish my beer!

The gossip of longbeards being all grumpy appears a tad malicious to me. These blokes look like a bunch of fun lovin’ hipsters with big beards and craft beer to go.
The gamers of the Old World.

There are a couple of heroes to go with them.


This is an ace little model and his weird glowing eyes don’t look as bad full-scale, because the dude is so small

As you may guess, I don’t know much about what they do but I guess they stand around and hit stuff that comes near!

And here is the White Dwarf himself. I plan to use him as a slayer, hence the red hair.


I’m working on a standard too, but this isn’t quite finished yet. I want it to have a bit of height to help make the unit a centre piece for the army.


Next will be a crossbow unit so I will be able to split the large longbeard unit into two (proxy) warrior units and be ready for a really small game. No, White Dwarf-Dude, that is not meant to be funny. Please put the axe down, you’ll do someone a mischief!
How about a nice Mountain Goat beer?



7 thoughts on “It’s hip to be square

  1. Looking good Dave – Almost ready to thump a Night Goblin horde.
    We may get our game in this year… WATT playing Warhammer square bases? I see why they have decided to run the End Times of Warhammer… Because if this game happens, it probably will be the end.

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  2. I’ve always had a soft spot for stunties. Well, their miniatures, anyway. When I used to play WHFB I could never get past their so-slow movement speed, so nevar actually ran them. These little guys are coming along very nicely.


    • Thanks – given my main opponent is obsessed (and I don’t think that is too strong a word) with building a Night Goblin army, then the our collective short legs hopefully is not too much of a problem


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