Something worth fighting for

I’m very impressed just at this moment.  I spent the afternoon assembling the rather fine barn from the 4Ground Terrain La Haye Sainte series.  This kit is amazing and came to me courtesy of the fine folk from War and Peace Games who were one of the sponsors at the Opening Skirmish tournament.

This is straight from the box as it were, already painted, ready to go pre-cut mdf!


The assembly was straight forward given the amount of detail and number of parts; it made me feel like a pro. I was a bit daunted on opening the box, but the instructions are (mostly) clear and the engineering is rather clever so only the most dedicated klutzes will assemble parts in the wrong order. Except maybe the roof trusses, but by then you’ve had a bit of practice so all should be well.

Both roof sections come off so the fight can continue inside where the detail is just as impressive as the outside.



It will make a fine centre piece for a european themed table and will likely appear in other theatres (at least in the near term) just because I like the look of it.

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