Bring three and four pence

I’m on a roll here, three posts in a row on Bolt Action.

Today, some more soldiers from Black Tree Design that will bring up my force to around 950 points (assuming I keep the regular theme going).  I was very impressed with how basic squads of Germans with LMG perform, so I’m happy to have two or three more of these available.
They are all shiny from the (GW) hard coat varnish. I’ve found that metal figures without varnish is just asking for chipping. I kind of like the old school glossy finish too. At least that is what I tell myself.

My first impressions of the BTD guys was a little underwhelming, but having painted a platoon of 30 and seen them mixed in with my earlier Crusader models they have grown on me. I like it that they are not all straight out of Hollywood. Their raw-metal faces that looked a bit misshapen take on a lot of character with paint on them.

Next will be to add a spotter for the mortar and a sniper team.  I think I’ll also add a medic, as I didn’t see anyone with one and I like the idea of given a squad or two what amounts to feel no pain.  That has to be handy.


2 thoughts on “Bring three and four pence

  1. They are looking great Dave. I am building a British Airborne force and have about 600pt. painted and ready to take to the table. Still have not had a game of bolt action yet, and keen for them to see some action. May next year…….
    Its a nice break away from the Grimdark…….


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