Opening Skirmish – Bolt Action Foray

December 6 will see a one day Bolt Action tournament and given I’ve been painting some Germans, I’m going to give it a go. My first three games, so should be interesting.  Here is the list I’m going to take. I’ve themed it around one of the infantry divisions that fought in Italy around Monte Cassino.

94th Infantry Division: Heer Grenadier Platoon

Following its destruction in Stalingrad along with the rest of the trapped 6th Army, the 94th Infantry Division was recreated in 1943 and moved to Italy, initially in reserve.

In December 1943, the 94th was assigned to the 10th Army under Field Marshal Kesselring and fed into the line as part of the defence of Monte Cassino. The grenadiers of the 94th had a lot to live up to, fighting alongside highly trained and motivated fallschirmjager, and with a strong desire to live up to their comrades who had died in Der Kessel only twelve months prior.
The list:
Second Lieutenant with two men, all armed with submachine guns
Three Heer Grenadier Squads each with 1 NCO and 7 men, rifles; light machine gun
Heer Grenadier Squad 1 NCO and 4 men, rifles
Medium machine gun team
Medium motar team
All regular for a total of 750 points with 8 order dice.

I’ve submitted the list, so while suggestions are welcome, there is no going back.


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