We are the figthing Uruk-Hai!

OK, so not only are there orcs running around the Wesfold but now the mighty Uruk-Hai have turned up. Rather rough, but they’re orcs and they just kept shouting to hurry up with the painting and get them on the table.

uruk04Together with the earlier orcs, I can now field a modest Orc army for LoTR, but more likely is that I will use the Uruk as elites to make up 5 or 6 point warbands for larger games of SAGA. Having used my Rohan as Scots with no complaints I plan to use the orcs as Vikings. I hasten to add here, I’m not trying to typecast the Vikings – but their battle board seems to translate well to warriors with swords and no fancy stuff. Add a few beserkers and the orcs with SAGA Viking rules seems a good match.

uruk07 uruk01I am reasonably happy with the warriors; as you can see I didn’t take much time on the freehand eye symbols on the shields. I don’t think the orcs would have either. I used a flesh wash over a brass and gun-metal drybrush on the armour. I thought it might make it look rusty. It turned out warmer than I expected. You learn a bit everyday, I guess.


I did not want them to look too uniform, so although I used a limited palet, I didn’t seek to make the armour or shields to much alike. Even the same figures look a bit different, which is good.

uruk02Lurtz is present, of course; union rules you see. No Lurtz, no start.


So there you have it. Tremble weaklings, for there is manflesh on the menu tonight!



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