Box opening of a really old box

My big brother was into building model airplanes and like many little brothers I sought to emulate this, but never with any real love, or to be honest, success. However he used to spend some of his newspaper round money on Military Modelling, which I liked because it had tanks, and Battle, which I waited impatiently for him to finish because it had tanks.

And, like magic, one day articles on wargaming began to appear! People with lots and lots of toy soldiers, playing with them. Awesome. My modelling finally had a focus, even if my gaming didn’t. And of tanks. And Romans. And Romans battling tanks, because you worked with what you had.

Well, entering the loft in search of something else and saying to myself, “I wonder what is in that box?” led to me finding copies of:


Now, while not many may remember this magazine, it was a wargame lifeline, if a wierd world away for my country Australian childhood.

This edition comes with a double helping of nostalgia, as it contains a review welcoming the arrival of a brand new magazine:


You may have to squint, but it is writing about White Dwarf!


I found some other treasures in the same long ignored box. Mayby other day; I’ve got some old magazines to read …


6 thoughts on “Box opening of a really old box

    • Oh Man! I completely overlooked the similarity to Battle the comic. I devoured that avidedly from edition one for several years. My mum found discovered it, believe or not.
      I found Charlies War as a bound set in my local library a few months ago. It holds up really well.


  1. Great stuff, Dave. It’s funny, I bought Military Modelling many times, but the thing I remember most is the odd classifieds in the back. “Why not try a gliding holiday this year?”

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  2. Wow, never heard of this magazine! But this is very cool. I love flipping through older ones like this!
    I was checking out an 80’s copy of White Dwarf which contained a photo of a tournament and I wondered if all those smiling 15 year olds in the photo were still enjoying their painting and wargames.
    Very cool!


    • The older stuff can have some real gems, a certain amount of “plus ca change” and bit of “what were we thinking”. I’m confident some of those youngsters are still in the game, a bit like spotting a young Kate Cerbrano in the audience of Count Down (a reference for the Aussies)!

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