The Two Towers

I enjoy planet strike. It is guaranteed carnage which is no bad thing in the Grim Dark Future(tm). One of the aspects I like about planet strike is that there is a clear attacker and defender. This makes sense to me. The days of arranging to meet in a field and bash the crap out of each other like civilized people are long gone, and most modern situations involve a clear attacker and defender even if this may change during the course of an engagement (allowing for counter attacks, etc.)

To have a decent planet strike board doesn’t take a lot of terrain, but you do need some decent fortifications. My collection only had a single bastion, which I painted to be consistent with my Word Bearers.
One bastion just isn’t enough so I was pleased to obtain two more at second hand Sunday at Arcanacon. Like most projects they sat in the cupboard until inspiration struck.

The last couple of weekends have seen a construction frenzy. One I did with a chaos vibe – skulls are so 39th millenium!



The skulls are resin; I picked them up at the same time as the bastions, so I’m not sure of the manufacturer. I removed the more obvious imperial eagles and the skulls were a simple additon that give the tower a slightly different look that I’m happy with.

The other is slightly more generic so will work for Imperial or Chaos and is inspired by the jazz camoflage that the British navy experimented with in the first world war. With a bit of added bling I think it came out OK.


So that is a total of three towers
But hey,Lord of the Rings has at least three towers in it too!


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