Vengeance is mine! Mine I tell you!


James Librarian does the bustop

So I held off buying the rather nice looking three volume hard back rule book for 7th end. I just wasn’t that keen on spending my hobby dollars on a set that will most likely remain 2/3 unopened until just before the next edition. (Further than two years away, please GW.)

I seriously considered getting the Stormclaw campaign box. A5 rules, rather nice looking models, but I don’t collect Space Wolves or Orks and wasn’t feeling inspired to start or convert.


With the new Dark Vengeance box I folded. A5 book – check. Nice models? Check. Collect both factions? Check.  Actual (modest) discount for buying in bulk? Yep!

I was thinking about doing an unboxing, but really, the images at the GW web site are much better than any I would take. The usual high sprue quality is there, so no surprises when you do open the box, along with the other expected goodies of templates, dice, and the standard two red sticks (one bent).

Actually there is one unexpected and rather nice item in the box: a card A4 sized cheat sheet with the most common tables (combat, deep strike mishap, vehicle damage).

That may well be the thing that gets the most use from the whole set! Not quite worth the admission price by itself, it was a welcome find.

Now, off to find out all the rules I’ve been getting wrong so far.



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