There are orcs on the Westfold

It is somewhat ironic I find myself painting orcs just as the 40K Ork Codex is updated.  As the photos make clear, I’ve been working on GW Lord of the Ring miniatures. orc01

Quite some time ago, there was a movie tie in magazine that included a sprue each edition. The magazine was just the sort of thing a 12 year old would have loved. On the other hand I saw a cheap source of toys- the magazines recycled at the time, the miniatures languished undercoated but otherwise ignored.

I did paint a Rohan warband that I have used for SAGA. I think these orcs are destined for the same. Without trying to typecast any particular races, I think orcs will run OK as the Viking faction, which is the simplest of all the factions available: dudes with swords.



I can arrange these into a 4 point war band, enough for a small battle. Another dozen dudes will (hopefully) be finished shortly that will lift things into a warrior heavy 5 point (or even stretch to 6 points if needed).

See you around the battlefield.



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