Heer we go, Heer we go, Heer we go

So while I’ve been playing a bit of 40K, I have been getting some vicarious Bolt Action in via two pod casts. The rather blokey LRDG is one of three blogs based at boltaction.net and is made right here in Melbourne. I have also been listening to Home Guard Radio, coming out of Edinburgh. HGR are up to episode 3 now and one of the things I like is that while the members are veteran gamers, I think they are relatively new to Bolt Action, so the pod cast is dealing with list building, learning the rules and smaller points games (for the moment).

And while you’re listening to podcasts, what better thing to do than paint?

Careful students will already know about the Stug III waiting in the depot, to which I now have added another infantry squad plus some support weapons.

The miniatures are black tree designs. They are not my favourite models but with a 50% off sale the price was right. All the Germans are metal so far, which gives the army a nice “heft”.  I think it comes to about 750 points, so time to find somebody to play …


7 thoughts on “Heer we go, Heer we go, Heer we go

  1. I think that I am spoilt from years of GW exposure. The ranges of WWII stuff doesn’t excite me. I’ve listened to LRDG and checked out the models that they reference, and between scale differences and “meh” models, I find it really hard to get excited about Bolt Action (because I need ANOTHER system!). I’ll be interested to see where you go with this.


    • Scale difference doesn’t bother me that much – people come in different sizes, but I hear what you’re saying about the “meh” factor. GW models tend to be very nice and the odd weird one stands out for that. With many other manufactures it is the other way around (Eureka is a big exception, particularly their moderns range). I’m amazed by some historic gamers that worry about the wrong turret shape or the Belgic versus stovepipe shako but overlook the turnip for a head! On the other hand, the game looks nice and I hope to get a few games in more or less in the same way I get a few games of SAGA in from time to time.


      • Yeah. I checked out a heap of the Eureka stuff; the moderns were a big drawcard for the ten or fifteen minutes that I thought I had enough time to play Force on Force! 🙂
        Can’t wait for kids to grow up and be all independent so that I can get my hobby back on …


  2. Nice job on these German infantry. They’ve definitely got that field-worn war-weary look. By the way, and I’m not trying to be a shako stickler here, those ammo cans were often painted in dunkelgelb, which can tie them in nicely with your armor, oil barrels, jerry cans, and the like. Green is appropriate, too, though.


    • Thanks Arkiegamer, I was aiming for a unit that did not just march off the parade ground. On the green, I was mostly looking for a contrast and hadn’t done any research at all (showing my sci fi roots a little, “Pink? That’ll work …”)


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