Farewell 6th ed – I hardly knew you

So 6th edition of 40K was with us for just two years.  This was the version that I got to play the most and yet I still felt I was just getting to scratch the surface of its possibilities.

All is not lost though, the first weekend of 7th edition and the world is still standing and WATT reconnaissance elements give the new version a thumbs up! Sig-int (OK, the wargamerau forum) is also mostly positive so far.

It sounds like things to look forward to include the narrative possibilities of the unbound force org (which goes with the WATT-vibe nicely) and the mission objectives. I think I’ll miss exploding tanks a little – krak may still get the job done, glancing things to death and I guess there is still plenty of las and melta goodness to dish out those 7+ damage rolls.

The jury is still out on psychic powers and the new phase, but I can hear my Dark Apostle revving up the Word Bearers already. Daemons are back, me thinks (not that they ever really dematerialised).

Next step is save up the pennies for what looks like a very nicely presented set of rule books.

We did get some farewell games in when the doors of the Grand Duchy were thrown open for a fine day’s gaming. Thanks to the Duke and Duchess. With a nice sort of symmetry we had 7 players play 6 games over the day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera and the one on my phone just isn’t the same. I was also too busy with my own games to capture any others. F&S is after a new cub-reporter.

I took my Ultramarines. The first game was against the Duke’s Eldar. A spokes-marine says there is nothing to the rumour that the Ultramarine force was tabled by the faster moving xenos.


Fast attack! This is how you do fast attack. Eldar materialise behind the soon to be dead assault marines.


I saw the xenos scum right over there. Er, hang on, what’s that noise behind us …


Vroom, vroom. Nicely painted stuff goes faster.


One of my few high points – a war walker and bike squadron shortly before being dealt with by my devastators

After lunch it was time to face Papa Nurgle


Morphius rips open the centre (along with a few marines)

We tried out several missions from the Alter of War compilation. Some of the missions were very fine indeed.

I’m sure they will fit right in to the new 7th ed world.


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