Yes to sci fi content, says Inquisition

Hi All,

After much deliberation our good friends at the Inquisition have granted permission for Faith and Steel to post on such science and other fiction as world war two or so-called moderns.  This is good news as what seemed like a rather neat idea to run two blogs, this one and the Depot, turned out to be a bit of chore.

This means that the pure 40K goodness will be diluted with other parts of my butterfly mind, but I will post more often if I use the combined output of both.

So, to welcome this new freedom here are some US Navy Seals from Eureka.
They are just fabulous sculpts, with great detail and full of life:
And from the same department of “I like the minis and I’ll work out what to do with them one day” are these two:


marines03I think they are from the Reaper Chronos War range.

6 thoughts on “Yes to sci fi content, says Inquisition

  1. For what its worth, I would happily use every single miniature shown above in my games set in the Dark Millennium.

    Its hard enough to keep one blog up to date with new content I find. All the toy soldier stuff in one place is my theory.


    • I have to confess that my moderns have been pressed into service as both guard and cultists before. They die just as quickly as the -ahem- official dudes. cheers


  2. I like those SEALs. They look different to the ones I picked up from Nic a couple of years ago and then never painted. Unless that (and the optics) is what’s throwing me…


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