The battle continues

As promised loyal citizens, here are some more photos of the Exorcist assault on the Marcharius Canal.

On the Word Bearers’ left flank things got rather interesting when a coven of Grey Knight terminators and an Inquisitor teleported in to deal with the Daemonettes that had manifested there:


“Would you mind stepping this way ladies?”


However it wasn’t to be, as Slaanesh’s finest sliced through the Knights. Although the Inquisitor did banish a Herald of Slaanesh before being kebabed himself.                 Faith and Steel salute his sacrifice.

Seeing the trouble being caused by the daemons, an Exorcist Librarian used his psychic powers to teleport himself and terminator squad across the canal. kwai10 It was a bloody battle, with all of the terminators being killed before the Librarian stood his ground and killed enough of the daemons to cause reality to blink, sending the foul creatures back to the warp.


Are you looking at me? Yeah! Take that!

In the centre the two Lords kept their eye on the main objective: take and hold the bridge. They punched on as two mighty warriors should, neither being able to land a blow. kwai14Some tac marines who had apparently missed the lecture on the danger of charging power fist wielding terminators decided to help out. They died, forcing a leadership check on the Exorcist Chapter Master and giving the Word Bearer lord a chance to fall back onto the bridge itself.kwai13


He proved very hard to dislodge, leaving the Word Bearers in control of the crossing.


Running out of resources themselves and their chapter master falling to the dark magic of the Black Mace, the Exorcists called it quits to consolidate their lines on along the canal.

This campaign is far from over, with both sides digging in along a new front, it is now a race to replenish material to see who can launch an offensive first. And, never fear, our Faith and Steel reporters will in the battle space to make sure you see the latest dispatches from our loyal defenders of humanity.


Daemonettes have their revenge on the Inquisitor


Some sort of veteran dudes force a crossing and route the cultists


Kombi of death does it stuff – bye bye vindicator

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