Bridge on the river (K)wai- not!

Citizens, after fierce fighting across the Northcote plain the Imperial offensive has apparently been checked. The forward momentum of our brave warriors stopped by ruinous powers on the banks of the fast flowing and now reportedly toxic Macharius Canal.

A strike force of Exorcist space marines came within minutes of seizing an intact bridge but have been stymied after desperate fighting by traitor marines of the Word Bearers.

Faith and Steel have secured pict images of this titanic struggle, including unconfirmed reports of a daemon incursion. (Well, the Inquisition was involved, who as we know make no comments about planet side operational matters).

Jim and I had a ripper of a game – 2,000-ish points each, with my Word Bearers defending and his Exorcists assaulting. The goal was to capture the bridge. To mix things up a bit, the Exorcists had to start off the table, deploying using the dawn of war rule from 5th ed (units moving onto the board in turn one, with reserves as normal). The Word Bearers had to leave at least half their units off the table, but started rolling for reserves from turn one. In addition there was an opening bombardment, but the prepared positions saw no casualties.
The river is toxic sludge, making it both difficult and dangerous to cross. kwai01The Exorcists emerge from the morning mist: kwai02

Fighting erupted quickly, with Chaos loosing their Landraider in the opening salvo forcing the enclosed Noise Marines to quickly exit the burning wreck:


Hey! Where did our landraider go? There is nothing but a big crater where I left it!

More tomorrow loyal citizens – it is curfew here in the Republic.



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