River Assault

Three things have come together in a rather nice sort of way.

The first thing was some months ago while helping my Dad move. Lurking in the back of a cupboard was a Bailey Bridge, one of the old Airfix kits. The paint job clearly dated it to my early teens, so I gave it a quick make over:


Second, I picked up an Osprey release about River Assault Tactics in WW2. It is kind of obvious when you think about it, but there are a lot of rivers that need crossing and this seems to be an opportunity for gaming.

Lastly, I have a game coming up next weekend. Well, no doubt there are rivers in the grim dark future and they will need assaulting and defending.

So, I’ve written a mission. Starting with the planet strike rules, the attacker starts off the board and uses a dawn of war (5th ed) type arrival in turn one. The defender can set up anywhere on the board, gets a bastion and some aegis lines for free but has to sit through an initial bombardment.

Just to make things a bit more grim dark the river will be toxic waste, released from a chemical works upstream. This will make the river both difficult and dangerous to cross.

Damn! Send word for the old Rhinos- the new ones won't fit in the bridge.

Damn! Send word for the old Rhinos- the new ones won’t fit in the bridge.

I let you know how it goes (and write up the mission in a bit more detail).


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