Arcanacon Rocks

Hi All,

EDIT: An ace picture gallery has been posted at the web site

I promised a blog on Arc but since then Viv from Knights of Dice has posted a series of videos that are a great round up of the week end.  I recommend you check these out for as good an Arc round-up as you will find.

This one is of the venue in general along with player interviews. It does a nice job of conveying the vibe of the weekend. And this is the first of two collages of the lovely armies that were on display. He also has some interviews with some of the trade stands. Hats off to Viv for creating and posting the videos.

The convention was well organised, the venue big enough and well lit (+1 for air con). The mission briefings were entertaining, clear and short. The missions themselves were good, not too wacky, and nothing that would break a reasonably balanced army. The awards ceremony was well paced and fun. A top job and a big thank-you to Dan, Ben and the rest of the tournament organisers. I love the direction that they are taking Arc. Huzzah!

I had six great games but didn’t take a camera so have no images. Thanks to my opponents: Hayden, Andrew (Eldar), Scott (Black Legion), Angus (Death Wing), Randall (Grey Knights), Anthony (Space Marines); I would happily line up to fight any of you or your armies again. I only won one game- I won’t say against who 😉


For those who came in late, Arcanacon 40K is the 40K wing of the Arc franchise and is one of the biggest tournaments on the Australian calendar. It is also one of the most relaxed.

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