White Dwarf Changes

Readers to Faith & Steel will likely already be aware of White Dwarf moving from monthly to weekly. Given the often rather thin content in the monthly, it remains to be seen just how it will go.

Good luck to them (I know a few bloggers who might be willing to supply copy …)

What I wanted to put here is not a” how dare they?” sort of thing – there are plenty of forums that have that niche down pat. And, the workshop facebook presence has the cheer squad side covered.

My observation is on the number of images of edition one of White Dwarf I’ve seen about.

I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that most folk using this image don’t actually have a first edition.

I don’t either, but a search of the F&S archive that remains neither classified nor seized by our good friends of the Inquisition has revealed a couple of White Dwarf treasures.

In third place, number 80 from 1986: WD_86

In second place, number 54 from 1984:WD_84

And in first place, from 1980, a best of the first three years of White Dwarf:WD_best

Which includes what is (presumably) the second airing of such D&D beasties as the Githyanki, and a selection of Thrud the Barbarian.  Gold, in a faded and dusty sort of way.

Finally there is an honourable mention to Battle hobby magazine – virtual hands up who remembers that – which in September 1977 had a review welcoming a new magazine from Games Workshop (in Uxbridge Rd, London – not Nottingham, people!) for 50p.

toodle pip!

15 thoughts on “White Dwarf Changes

  1. I used to have issue 2, from memory. Not that I bought it – my older brother had. No idea what happened to it over the years, but it’s long gone now. My own started at 97 or 98 as I shall find when I find the boxes of old WD stored somewhere at my parents’ place one day. In one respect the new changes are sad, but then again, the realms of content from the golden age (RT-era) and the Silver Age (Paul Sawyer) and finally the LotR bubble is all long gone at this rate, so I’m willing to see what happens next… and anyway, WGI has a lot of the older-type of content, just without the Warhams element.


  2. Have to say a little sad, seems like the end of an era. I can remember convincing our school librarian to get a subscription to this and Dragon magazine in the early 80s. Who couldn’t love Thrud! Will have to check now and see what my earliest one is. Also have to say following this news have cancelled my subscription. Been thinking about it for a while but this and a combo of really getting all my hobby news online pushed me on to make a decision and do it. As I said end of an era. Still have a couple of months left though so will see what the changes bring.


    • School library? Nice work.
      I am interested as to how far you can go back – I’m thinking there maybe some blog ideas in digging into the archives. There are some cool older minis about, and I’m sure I’ve got some other old magazines about …


  3. Hi Dave, checked my hoards and seem to the WDs seem to start at 70, skip a few and then go from 76 to 107. Then a big gap and starts again around 295 onwards from when I got back into the hobby. Also have a load of early Imagine mags and a few Dragon mags for those who remember that time for early 80s D&D and AD&D fans


  4. Dragon *and* a double digit run of double digit editions. Rather cool in an old style way. And some new reading for those evenings when its too hot or cold (depending on hemisphere) for the paint to behave. win!.


  5. The early days of Dragon and White Dwarf….ahh…so many memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Some years ago when my gaming was on hiatus I got the notion to get rid of all my Dragon and White Dwarf magazines from the 80’s. What the heck was I thinking!?


  6. Yep, cheers Dave a nice trip down memory lane 🙂 good shout about going through the old stuff. Have also come across some really old minis from my early role playing days. Also found some one of my mates passed on to me who was part of our gaming group. He used to run the Cthulhu rpg. Pulling him back into the hobby slowly though but he has a new you youngling so doesn’t have much time at the mo.
    Hope to get a post up soon, been ages since I did one.


    • Babies can do that to your hobby – although I went back to painting after the birth of my kids, something you could do after everyone else was in bed and not requiring 3 or 4 others for an RPG (I was playing a lot of CoC before then). Playing still has a wait though. D.


  7. I have a number of old copies here in Tassie – 56 though 59 and 77, 78, 79. picks up again at 84 through 88. And a few back in the 30s. Half were probably yours and got mixed up in various moves. Some old Dragons as well.


    • Oh Man! Scan the cover of the earliest title – number 30 is gold.

      Thanks for checking out the blog bro.

      Frankie may be more interested in the sister blog fandsdepost, the link is on the blog roll


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