Enter, The Apostate

Arc lists are due Friday (6 Jan). I put up a draft list here and got a bit of feedback and a game. Here is the final list:

The Apostate Dark Apostle with plasma pistol and gift
20 Cultists; 2 x flamers
10 Chaos Space Marines; 2 x plasma guns; close combat weapons; VotLW
5 Chosen; Asp Champ with lightening claws; power sword, 3 x flamers; VotLW Rhino
6 Terminators; heavy flamer; 2 x combi-flamers; 2 x power fists; icon vengence
Hellbrute with twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher
Vindicator; siege shield, combi-bolter
Sister Pain  Herald of Slaanesh with exalted locus of beguilement and greater gift
Sweet Nothings 10 Daemonettes; Alluress, Rapturous Banner

The chosen started life as havocs but have been promoted, loosing a flamer but gaining extra choppy goodness.  Most of the rest of the Word Bearers have turned up recent battle reports. The artist formerly known as a chaos dreadnought is still in the workshop getting fitted with its missile launcher.

I think this army will work OK.  Plenty of flamers for hoards – orks and ‘nids; choppy stuff for shooty armies like Tau and Guard and shooty stuff (plasma and bolters) for other 3+ armies (marines and necrons). Cultists will laugh at grav-guns. The Vindicator can laugh at the rest.  And the daemonettes ready to get stuck in with their rending and with the locus, re-rolls on missed to hits. Lovely!

See you across the table.

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