Old School Space Wolves

Steef won’t be making it to Arc this year, but he did make over to the Republic of Northcote with his wonderful Space Wolves army to give my Word Bearer list a test run.

We rolled Big Guns Never Tire (heavy support are scoring), with short table edges and five objectives for our 1,350 point armies.

Steef had a Lord in a drop pod with blood claws; two lots of grey hunters with plasma guns; predator with lascannons; whirlwind; and two or three landspeeders.

I had my Arc list: Dark Apostle; cultists; marines; chosen with flamers; termies with flamers; shooty hellbrute; vindicator; and daemonette allies. Slightly changed from the earlier post, but nothing major.

The game was draw, with one objective each, me with first blood and his Wolf Lord killing by Dark Apostle. He took four turns to kill him – which was four turns longer than it should have, but the Cultists having watched the fight decided they’d had enough and run like the drug addled gangstas they probably are:


Night and blocked line of sight kept deaths low on turn one. The drop pod landed behind my Daemonettes looking for a bit of bolter goodness and failed to kill any.  Logan Grimnar was not amused and he would like his blood claws back, please.

The landspeeders pushed forward for close range melta work, largely failed to destroy anything and were destroyed in turn – too much plasma for the open-topped flyers.


Old school lead landspeeders – the warranty will be long gone on those babies

SW05 SW04 SW03 SW02 A lovely paint job by Steef – lovely smooth blue greys. I think a lot of the newer Space Wolves are too grey, the older blue shade is more reminiscent of deeply frozen ice.

I will do some shots of my army on another day. Here they are pushing forward just before the SW got stuck in:WB01

Eagle eyes will have spotted the grey plastic. My excuse is preparing to Arc, and this is the only model that needs to be painted. I think even I can meet that deadline.


Back to the painting station you – you’re not welcome on the table like that

Steef’s army held up OK (build-wise), given the age of the codex and that he built it a couple of editions ago (3rd ed, I think, but that might be telling).

I was happy with the Word Bearers. Nanna Bols now has a bunch of ersatz grand-daughters in Sister Pain and the Sweet Nothings, a herald of slaanesh and daemonettes. Inspired by him they run with a locus of beguilement and a rapturous standard: close combat killing machines. The marines, with flamers for short range and demolisher cannon and plasma guns for medium range shooting, will help get them where they need to be. The cultists will die in horrible and otherwise funny ways and all up the Word Bearers will do OK.

Who am I kidding? They will die like dogs, but at least they have plenty of Word Bearer vibe.SW01

Toodle pip! D.

14 thoughts on “Old School Space Wolves

  1. Steef’s Space wolves? Talk about retro! I still remember seeing their first outing at Arc and being amazed that someone would go to the effort of doing muzzle flash like that. I tgink he was the precursor to the ridiculous standards that we have come to expect form the same madman wgo concocted a Dark Eldar fleet including working rigging!
    Your Word Bearers are coming along nicely, too. I am desperately hoping that I can get some games in and an entry this year! Hope to see you at a WATT event soon…


  2. Retro Indeed. Most of these figures were painted for Arc 2001!
    Newbies include one BloodClaw – due to Codex changes, replaced Meltas and flamer with four plasmaguns – three of which melted down taking the wolf with them, and the Drop pod – which delivered tasty BloodClaw snacks to the Deamonettes.
    A great game, might sub-out the Claws and replace with another squad of Grey Hunters out of the 13th Co. Force. What is the current Meta for Wolves, other than four Rune Priests with Jaws?


  3. They still have quality troops in Grey Hunters. Flexibility and all that. I suspect for wolves though it is the more unique units that really stand out. Thunderwolf cavalry, lots of mini characters running around (what with challenges and all) and of course psyker spam.


    • Thanks CP. I think most our gaming group have a few older models in our armies. Not because we are older and have been playing for ever. No we *like* it this way. Happy new year to you as well.


  4. Hi, I just saw that muzzle flash while browsing through your blog and have to ask: Is this a standard GW part supplied with the models or custom made to fit the weapons? Apart from that: Very nice looking Space Wolves with good contrast.


    • The muzzle flash is home brew. I agree that they are nice looking SW; I will pass your comment onto the gent responsible for both painting and conversion: Steef.


    • Hi Dagger….,
      The muzzle flash was a crazy idea back in Summer 2000/2001.
      A piece of wire inserted into holes drilled in bolters, with cut card for the flash glued on. Painted in great comic-book style, thought these suited the bright, black-lined Space Wolves. Should have patented it as now you can buy 3D versions from Armorcast.
      Need to use my Dark Eldar next, so Dave can take great pictures of them!


      • Hi Dagger, it’s been several years now, but I did have a go at LEDs, fibre-optic and Electro-luminescent wire. I have a few Forum posts with the tales of my progress, check out the Work In Progress Forums for SteveFirth – not ATM as their search engine is down, or photobucket for SteveFirth – I think my photos are public. Also somewhere on WargamerAU.
        and page 24.
        Several necrons, tomb spider, destroyer, scarabs and destroyer Lord, with LEDs inside the head, fibre optic or rod transferring the light to the outside, electroL wire for the staff of light and instead of the crystal in the weapon.
        Powering all this became a problem so I changed to just optic fibre, with enough light around the figure any light falling on the fibre is caught and travels down the fibre to the end, this makes it look brighter than it’s surroundings, so no need for LEDs. Tried this with a warrior (page 20) that was also going to sit on a light box as the display base.
        This worked best for some Wolf Scouts I kitbashed, the fibre optic for the laser sights, good length of red optic to catch the light and nice point of brightness at the end of the weapon.
        These are all still sitting on my shelf with another 1.5m of electro luminescent wire, waiting …. that is not dead which can eternal lie…



      • Awesome ideas and the photos look great. I didn’t know about optic fiber, but I might see if I can get some to light up some of the Reaper Bones Minis I got. Did you drill the cavities for the wire with a hand drill or electrical drill?


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