Arc Planning

So, after a couple years running Ultramarines, I’ve decided to go back to my Word Bearers for Arcanacon this year.  I was reasonably happy with their performance at the Grand Duchy Dust-up, but I found I just couldn’t put out enough damage early on.

Thinking about the list, I think there was stuff I just didn’t use. Stuff I paid for it and forgot I had – self inflicted, really. And, stuff I had but found wasn’t very useful (which is not completely independent of the first reason).

So, I’ve tweaked my list.  First, I have dropped the aegis line, which never really seems to pay for itself. A slightly more radical change is having units take either veterans of the long war or an icon of vengeance. I have found that paying for the extra point of leadership and then making them fearless was expensive with only rare pay back.  So, the termies get an icon (leadership is already 9 and I mostly want them hanging around).  Marines get VotLW, lifting leadership to 9 (10 while the champion lives), and hatred that will useful if I run in to loyal marines.

With the points I free up I’m going to take a hellbrute with lascannon and a missile launcher. Its role is tank buster, although it can supply some spine to the cultists.

The list (1,350 points):

Dark Apostle with plasma pistol; gift (because he gets a re-roll)

5 Chosen with flamers in a rhino – VotLW

5 Terminators with flamers – deep striking BBQ specialists

Hellbrute with lascannon and missile launcher

10 CSM with plasma pistol, plasma gun; ccw; VotLW; Champion with p/sword

10 Cultists; pistols and ccw; flamer

10 Cultists; pistols and ccw; flamer

Vindicator (storm shield and combi-bolter)

Allies: Herald of Slaanesh with exalted locus

10 daemonettes with rapturous standard

I know people bag allies, but daemons and Word Bearers go together like flies and Nurgle. I have 9 points left – unless I can think of something else I will get an 11th daemonette


5 thoughts on “Arc Planning

  1. I would probably recommend doing something a little more with the chosen. They have many options for weaponry. Perhaps drop a couple of their flamers and sprinkle in a Melta or Power weapon. Also, if you are sticking with cultists in 2 smaller squads, maybe make one of them shooty. Most of the time, neither are much of a threat but if they can pepper some things at range (small infiltrator/sniper units) it might be more useful.
    The Chaos Marine squad could maybe drop the power weapon and plasma pistol, and stick with 2 plasmaguns. Keep the VotlW, and the additional cc weapons on everyone (I assume thats for the squad). Defensively fighty in the late game, and a bit more dangerous shooty early.
    Where do you plan for the Apostle to hang out?


  2. Food for thought, thanks James.
    I kept the cultists separate for an extra scoring unit, but they’re not much use dead. Mobbing them up makes sense. With the Dark Apostle in the middle and the hellbrute nearby they should show a bit of spine.
    I’ll have a look in the bitz box to sort out some other weapons options for the marines, including the cultists.
    I’m also going to drop a gift for the herald (which I always forget) and deploy an extra termie; I think 6 is better than 5.


  3. Right – Cultists are one unit; Chosen swap a flamer for a power sword and I downgrade the hellbrute’s lascannon to a reaper autogun. Upside is that the Herald gets a greater gift, probably the default greater etherblade. Will post a new post with a revised list (with some pictures) soon.


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