Dust up at the Grand Duchy

Three fabulous looking tables, 7 gamers, each with 1,350 points ready to go. There was even a pav for afternoon tea.  You get treated like royalty at the Grand Duchy.

I don’t know all the results – feel free to fill in the blank bits.  All up we managed 6 games (two each, give or take).

I took Word Bearers, and played Tim’s Eldar (a loss to me) and Joe’s Black Templars (a loss on points, we played into turn 6 which made it clear who was really in charge: Joe)

In both games I found I just could not put out enough damage early enough. Along with some daemonettes as allies I think the army has lots of Word Bearer flavour, but is mostly rubbish on the table. I think for Arc I’ll leave most of my cultists and the aegis line at home(flyers, they are so 6th ed …) and take a shooty squad of marines instead. And the Dark Apostle?  He’s close to being benched. A chaplain without ATSKNF. Stiring oratory is hard to hear over the crack of bolters and the screams of dying cultists.

Tim’s Eldar look great. They are fairly hard to pin down too – move in the movement phase, move and shoot in the shooting phase, and sometimes move (away) in the assault phase. I know some folk have poured scorn on Eldar since 2nd edition, but the penny has finally dropped for me about Eldar cheese.


The Word Bearers stand to at dawn, ready for an Eldar incursion


The Eldar advance


The Cultists get stuck in

DSC_0256 DSC_0258

Some swooping hawks arrive to (briefly) cause some mayhem

A fine looking war walker unit arrive and turn the tide in favour of the Eldar

Joe’s Black Templars are also coming along nicely. It is a nice list; some hard units, e.g. a Land Raider full of lads, but you give up stuff to fit that in at 1,350, so I think balanced and very in the BT theme.

DSC_0263 DSC_0264 DSC_0265 DSC_0266 DSC_0267

DSC_0268Upstairs Nurgle went down to the Exorcists, who put on a feel no pain lesson for the plague marines by all accounts. Papa Nurgle came back with a win over a Tyranid hoard.

We also had a Sons of Horus army take on first the Black Templars and then the Exorcists, but Abaddon has forbidden us to divulge the outcome. F&S can report that the Sons looked ace – check them out a Arc if you get the chance.DSC_0247DSC_0269DSC_0251


MVP – for those times when one thunder hammer is not enough



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