Chaos Turns On Self

Citizens dread your Emperor.

Citizens rejoice in his steadfast servants, who performed his adamantium will.

The cruel chaos invasion of our planet is over as the traitor legions have fled our world and have turned on each other in an apocalyptic battle on the nearby world of Bassst.

Faith and Steel have been authorised to publish these amazing pics witnessing the savage destruction that the competing factions wreaked upon each other.

Our first run with the latest Apocalypse rules. We chose to go Chaos on Chaos: Nurgle and Slaanesh versus an unholy alliance of Khorne and Tzeentch. We found about 12,000 points for each side once a Word Bearers coven threw their weight behind Slurgle.


Looking down the length of the table


Flamers demonstrate the correct way to pwn Vindicators


The big boys come out to play


That’s not a daemon. This is a daemon


Things get busy in the Tzeentch deployment zone

A rocking day. I have a heap of photos – I might post some more, but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.  T’leroth is a bit more structured than I am about battle reports, so hopefully he will also post some shots.

Khorne and Tzeentch, despite being hard pressed, carried the day.  Well done boys.


Apoc tables look great and we took a few lessons for our next battle. The big one is to be disciplined with your time the whole day, and not just the last hour or so.  The new formations work well, the Slaanesh Daemon one is particularly nice. I love it that super heavies now always go boom. Fundamentally Apoc is about big explosions. And beer. And wonderfully painted armies.





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