Imperial Victory on Ostfront

Loyal citizens, Faith and Steel are pleased to report that a combined force of Exorcists and Imperial Fists have defeated a brutal and intense attack by Word Bearer and Khorne Chaos Space Marines.

Reports are some what confused in the aftermath of the battle. The Inquisition has cleared for publication a limited number of pict-shots. Most are from a low orbit comms satellite, so the picture quality is somewhat degraded due to EMF and warp activity over the battle space.

Ariel view of the battlefield as chaos advances from the left into the waiting guns of the well entrenched loyal marines.???????????????????????????????

Chaos forces at their start line: daemonettes, word bearer tanks and cultists and Khorne armour. Berserker cult marines are just visible in the background.???????????????????????????????

Exorcists support the Imperial Fists.
Captain Lysander himself stands in the front rank ready to repel the traitor legions.???????????????????????????????

The picture is unclear here. It looks to F&S that Eldar have deployed with the Imperial Fists.  When we asked for clarification the Inquisition responded, “nothing to see here, now bugger off before we invite you to assist us with our investigations”, .  ???????????????????????????????The mission worked OK, but was tough for the attackers.  I thought that the barrage and recycling troops would offset the bonus fortifications, but without transport the reinforcements just couldn’t make a difference.  With hindsight, I would drop the recycling and add more points to the attacking side (provided it is used for troops).

We called time at the end of turn four, with the Imperium in control of all the objectives and dinner time looming.

Chaos had the upper hand early but as Imperial reserves arrived the table was turned. Better fire discipline -getting the threat order right- would have helped chaos, but would probably have only delayed defeat, not turned the day to victory.

Chaos did achieve their secondary objective, causing the Eldar warlord (complete with tooled up seer council) to flee early on. No ticker these Eldar.

Exorcists again proved very tough to dislodge – their elites dying in droves but their troopers holding on grimly.  Well done boys.

Kharne had a lot of fun on the right wing of the Imperial Fists. It was a shame that there were no objectives there. But Kharne is not known for his tactical subtlety.

Man of the match (with honourable mentions to the Thunderfire gunners, who did stellar work) was the landspeeder pilot who did not fail a jink all game despite taking a LOT of fire:

Tim's Imperial Fist Landspeeder reports back

Tim’s Imperial Fist Landspeeder




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