Eastern Front Battle Looms

It looks like after an extended period of relative calm that war is returning to the east.  A massive build up of war material has occurred and battle appears to be near.

WATT meets Sunday.

With four players we have decided to go just a little short of an Apocalypse battle, with two per side and a bit of a narrative using this mission I’ve cooked up (inspired by the battle missions book):

The mission is an assault on prepared positions. It will be bloody.

Set-up is on a double table, joined along a short edge, with two players per side and 1,750 or thereabouts per general (3,500 per side).

The tables are set up so there is a clear defenders’ side with bunkers, aegis, etc. along one long edge and the other with more limited cover (craters and similar, perhaps some ruins) that will be the start line for the attackers:

big push table 1

Sort out who will attack or defend – I propose that high roll will attack. This could be driven by narrative to allow more planning. I like the idea that company commander doesn’t always get to optimise their assets – you might elite, but the situation is such that you’re now stuck in a trench system waiting for the enemy. Deal with it.


Objectives: there are four objectives. One in the middle of each table and one 12” behind that in the middle of the defence zone (see map)

Defenders deploy as many units as they want in their half of the table and gets the following special mission rules:  heavy metal, we ain’t leavin’.

Attackers deploy second. Their deployment zone is 12” deep on opposite long table edge.  The attackers get the following special rules:  fast recon, meat grinder, take that!

Attackers go first unless Defenders seize the initiative.

In addition the following mission special rules are used: reserves, night fight, slay the warlord, variable game length

Special rules:

Heavy metal pg 128 = heavy support are scoring

We ain’t leavin’ = the defender may fortify up to 200 points of terrain into fortifications (pg 114-6). This is in addition to any points that may have been allocated in the armies.  Specify this during  deployment

Fast recon pg 129 = fast attack are scoring

Meat grinder. The big push is on. There are plenty of reserves and the generals are not afraid to use them. Destroyed troops choices may come back as reserves. The complete unit returns except for any transports. They may enter from any table edge, short or long, on the attackers’ half.  Units that normally get deep strike or outflank or similar don’t get to use this mode of deployment if they arrive from reserves after being destroyed.

Take that! After deployment but before the initiative is rolled, the attacker gets to fire an artillery bombardment.
The bombardment is 1d6+3 S9 AP3 ordinance 1, barrage, large blast shots.

Winning the game: Each objective is worth 3 points for the controlling side at the end of the game. The winner is the side with the most VP at the end.

With four players we would normally make all four warlords subject to Slay the Warlord, but we have a plot running with some Eldar allies so it makes sense for us to just have one nominated target per side. More on that later, if it turns out to be interesting.

I’ll let you know how we go.


2 thoughts on “Eastern Front Battle Looms

  1. The battle is over – citizens rejoice. Despite being hard pressed early, the combined forces of the Imperial Fists and Exorcists space marine chapters repelled a desperate but ultimately frustrated attack by Word Bearers and Khorne Berserkers.
    Full Faith and Steel report to follow.
    Thanks to Jim, Tim and Steef for a top day of gaming.


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