Exorcists hold on (just)

It is the grim duty of Faith and Steel to report that a significant chaos incursion has occurred, involving cultists, traitor marines and nameless hoards from the warp.  The tenacious defence of the Exorcist chapter of space marines held until nightfall, when the fierce determination of the ruinous powers faded as mysteriously as it had emerged.

Both sides retired in the night, with scouts reporting chaos leaving nothing but crude, foul shrines erected on the battle-space. The Inquisition refused to comment on their purpose and the whole sector is closed to traffic.

It was big: about 3,500 points on each side. Jim with his Exorcists against the combined efforts of Mike and Dave, with Slaanesh daemons and Word bearers, respectively.  We used dawn of war; victory was determined by control of 5 objectives.

All lined up and ready to go. The Exorcists went first.Aug_battle0

The cultist’s view of the loyalist’s line: Aug_battle2View for the Exorcists: Aug_battle1

Daemons emerge from the morning mist:MJB_daemonette2

But the Exorcists are waiting:JM_exorcists1

Jim was always going to find it hard once the daemons got up close and personal. Aug_battle3

Things went better in Jim’s centre, where he looked likely to contest, but not hold the objectives there.

Things were in the balance when night fell – a less loyal newsfeed might suggest that things were looking grim for the space marines. Faith and Steel is not one of these treasonous organisations.


One of Mike’s fine Daemonettes

The game was called after three turns, and it was a close run thing: Chaos had two objectives, Jim one but with first blood pulled out a hard fought draw.

There is only one way to resolve this: a rematch, of some sort, will be required.


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