Jim and I duked it out with a narrow win to his Exorcists over my evolving chaos war band.

We played Emperor’s Will on a Dawn of War table  (that’s one objective each and long table sides for those of you with dust on your rule books) with 1,750 points. Both of us took models and units that we don’t usually play.

Jim took a termie captain with two thunder hammers (because sometimes one hard whack just isn’t enough), assault termies, shooty termies, plus lots of marines. Oh and his Kombi of death – a storm talon.

I took loads of cultists, a dark apostle and a bunch of Daemonettes and Plaguebearers. And a Keeper of Secrets. And a big bunch of terminators with flamers.

The battle quickly descended into an enormous melee in no-mans land in front of my objective. Jim carried the day here, but took five turns to chew through all my warp denizens and their deluded followers.

In Jim’s deployment zone, my terminators were testing kebab recipes on the defending marines.

End game was no objectives held, two dead generals and Jim winning by dent of first blood. Did I mention that cultists run away?

Sorry, no photos today, but a good game. Thanks Jim.

So, recent games point to the imperial taking enormous casualties but still managing to obtain slight tactical advantages. Things will only get grimmer as the loyalists penetrate deeper into those areas that have now been in Chaos hands for so long that cults are taking root. Better order some more promethium – there is some house cleaning to be done yet.

Pip Pip.



One thought on “Drawhammer

  1. Thanks Dave, it was a great game. Considering the table was covered in a large amount of infantry for a 1750pts scale, we both got to roll piles of dice at each other. I know my Exorcists chapter is growing to quite a sizable collection with mostly an all comers bent, it’s amazing that random surviving tactical marines are still winning the day, despite my usage of some decent hard hitting stuff. The Stormbl-bee is so fun to use! 🙂


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