Apocalypse Just Gone By

T’leroth has done us proud, with another terrific battle report, this time of Monday’s truly titanic apocalypse match between the forces of ruin and niceness.

Leigh's Blood Angels assault into the scout's sniper position

Leigh’s Blood Angels assault into the scout’s sniper position

The above shot is from the earlier battles. In this one a Thunderhawk landed right on this building where some Sanguinary Guard were demonstrating assault tactics to an Ultramarine scout squad. The rest of the field became largely irrelevant as the carnage dished out by both sides was secondary to the Son’s of Sanguinius laughing as they rescued the VIP from the wreckage and high tailed it out of harm’s way.  (Well done to Leigh who despite some stout resistance from my scouts really controlled the game from the start.)



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