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The largest battle to date raged over the weekend.  Pictures have not yet emerged, but Faith & Steel will make them available as soon as they are cleared for publication by the Inquisition.

We have sketchy reports of 15 battles that were fought into the lead up to a engagement of apocalyptic proportions between the ruinous powers and loyal subjects of the Emperor.  Initial reports have the fight, despite enormous losses on both sides, as being inconclusive.  Late in the day Chaos held a slight tactical advantage over the Imperial Forces, holding more critical points across the battle space. However the large losses inflicted on the heretics, including the loss of a mighty corrupted titan and the death of their purported overlord saw the day end in a stalemate.

Despite the carnage the war looks set to continue.

Details are equally sketchy on the battles leading up to the Titan’s End War.  Reports include alien sightings – Tyranids and Eldar.  A more grave tiding are reports of conflicts between different Astartes Chapters. Surely the work of evil agents and provocateurs and signalling a dangerous turn in the campaign.

As our correspondents submit reports, F&S will make them available.


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