A bastion too far?

Time to find out.

Steef, Jim and Dave meet on Sunday to discover if the audacity of the space marine strike will work to smash the chaos offensive or if the World Eaters can fillet enough loyalists to keep Khorne off their back for a while.

We will play a variant of All Round Defense (Battle Missions pg 70-71).

The battlefield setup is almost as per the book, with Marines setting up within 12″ of the objective in the middle of the table, with a the enemy deploying at least 24″ from the centre of the table. I think 24 is a more 6th ed number than the per the book 18″

In addition, in addition to reserves, the space marines relief force will have the hell’s highway special rule.

Deployment: The space marines are divided into strike and relief forces. The marine strike force deploys within 12″ of the centre of the table.

The marine relief force enter using the hell’s highway special rule from turn one onwards.

Chaos can deploy anywhere on the table that is further than 24″ from the centre.

In this mission  all units will fall back towards the nearest table edge.

Roll for first turn; initiative can be seized.

The marine strike force can only place fast attack or units that can deep strike into reserve.
Chaos must place HQ and heavy support into reserve and may place other units in reserve if they desire. Chaos units enter from reserve as normal, entering from any table edge.
Units in the marine relief force that are in reserve enter play using the normal reserve rules.

Special Rules
Night fight, variable game length

Instead of mysterious objective, any unit within 3″ of the objective has the fearless special rule.

Hell’s Highway The marine relief force does not start on the board. Instead on their first turn they choose a short table edge to enter from. Units not deep striking or outflanking will enter from this table edge. Units arrive as if from reserve, but rolling from turn one according to this schedule: turn 1 4+, turn 2 onwards as normal with the reserves rule.
This reflects the need for the relief force to battle through Chaos lines to reach the strike force, however due to the fluid nature of the situation it is not clear which direction they will initially strike from.

Note: slay the warlord, line breaker and first blood will not be used

Victory condition: the side that owns the objective at the end, wins the game

We’ll let you know how it goes.



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