Vanguard 6th ed

pages 66-7 Battle Missions
The battlefield
Split the table into halves and roll-off to choose which half players will deploy in.

Place one objective marker in the centre of the table and a second on the centre of the enemy table edge, as per map.

Roll for Warlord traits prior to deployment.

The defending (non-space marine) player deploys first, anywhere within their table half.

After the enemy has deployed the Space Marine player sets up a third objective anywhere in the enemy deployment area that is more than 12” from another objective. (For a total of three objectives, all in the defender’s half.)

The Space Marines do not set up on the table. Instead they receive the first turn and may enter from any point on their long table edge.

Initiative cannot be seized this game, instead Incoming! special rule will be used.

Victory Conditions
At the end of the game the player that controls the most objectives wins the battle.

Special Rules
Mysterious Objectives, Night Fight, Modified Reserves

Vanguard: the Space Marines’ role is to spearhead the attack and secure the objectives they capture. To reflect this any Space Marine infantry unit (except infantry characters) count as scoring units (pg 123).
Incoming! The initiative cannot be seized from the Space Marine player. However, instead of a seize the initiative roll, on a roll of 6 a small early warning is obtained that is sufficient to allow the defender to nominate a single unit (including any attached independent characters) to have the INTERCEPTOR special rule (pg 38) during turn one only.
Modified Reserves The defending player may place any number of units in reserve. Any Space Marine units that do not enter play on the first turn are assumed to be in reserve. Units arrive from reserve as normal (pg 124-5).

Note: No Thunderhawks are available for this mission, so the Thunderhawk special rule from the Battle Missions rulebook will not be used.

Game Length Variable game length (pg 122 40K rulebook)


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