Ride to ruin and the world’s ending

Imperial staff and intelligence officers have assessed the situation and canvassed their leading officers. The general situation is severe – Chaos has established a bridgehead and currently controls most of the countryside.  Imperial forces have been building available strength but are hemmed into strong points centred on a network of bastions and poleis defended in depth.

Imperial generals have narrowly rejected going over to the defensive and waiting for the inevitable blow to fall (see results of poll: http://wp.me/p2E3en-17). Instead, they see a narrow opportunity to smash the Chaos offensive before it can properly form. The Empire of Man is marching out.

Each arm of the Imperium goes to war in its own way, but the outcome is in the balance as Chaos agents have seen that preparations for an assault have begun and have brought their own preparations forward.  The Emperor’s Tarot remains unclear, as do the entrails examined within the incense filled Chaos sanctum. Battle will be joined and the answer will soon be known.

The mission will depend on the particular armies.

On a roll of 1-4, the Imperial Guard will undertake a Prepared Assault (Battle Missions pg 42-3), marching out to crush the heretic and mutant beneath their armoured tracks.

On a 5-6, Chaos react to the Guards’ assault, unleashing a War of Attrition
(BM pg 44-5), as the Guard feed more and more men and resources into the meat grinder Chaos must react with equal determination or risk the loss of not just their current advantage but their entire bridgehead.

On a 1-3 a Space Marine army will conduct a Vanguard Assault (BM pg 66-7), with Chaos defending.

On a 4-6 the Space Marines conduct a lighting raid to secure a fire-base deep within the Chaos zone. The invading chaos forces must act fast to snuff out the loyalist incursion, leaving the Space Marines to conduct an All Round Defence (Battle Missions pg 70-1)

The missions have been tweaked for 6thed including some changes to the mission special rules and set-ups.

Anyway, that is my thinking for the next few games.

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