Osten Sturm

Citizens, the Inquisition has permitted Faith & Steel to inform you that we are in the midst of a major Chaos incursion.  All travel beyond fortified habitations must be in authorised convoy or under Inquisitorial Seal.

Militias have been activated. If you are rated BB2 or higher and have not yet received orders you are to contact you local administratum immediately.  All habitation units are suggested to ensure shelters are correctly stocked and daemonic incursion plans are up to date.

In addition to Word Bearers, the foul cults of Khorne and Nurgle have been sighted.

If you see any Khorne, do not approach unless you wish a painful martyrdom. Immediately activate distress beacons. Use of emergency ammunition is authorised.

The Nurgle warband appear to be using zombies.

Typhus and friends

As you may have gathered, we managed a couple of fights.

Mark’s Nurgle, led by Typhus managed a narrow win over Ben’s Inquisitorial Guard in the Big Guns Don’t Rest (Vanguard deployment) on a heavily city table.  Apparently zombies don’t like flamers, but feel no pain continues to make killing plague marines hard work.  Two nicely painted armies battling it out on suitably awe inspiring table. Nice work if you can get it.

David’s Ultramarines were sent to purge the alien of Steef’s Khorne. The son’s of Guilliaman were torn a new backside and then some.  Khorne was pleased.  If you have seen these marines please contact Faith and Steel: Robert is very concerned about their whereabouts:

A top day’s gaming.

Imperial: 1
Chaos:   2


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