Drang Nach Westen

So the imperial dogs finally sent out an attachment to investigate a possible Chaos incursion (all that trash talk had to originate from somewhere).  So fifteen hundred points of Jim’s Exorcists (classified chapter: file image only) made contact with a similar size band of Word Bearers (file image recovered from drone during known deamon incursion).

Suspected to be led by Dark Apostle known as           The Apostate (foreground right)

We rolled a scouring scenario with vanguard deployment. It was a heavily urban environment, dominated by two large ruins.  Jim stole the initiative and unloaded into the massed ranks of the chaos marines and cultists.

After some early optimism, things went badly for the Word Bearers. Full points to Jim – it is first blood to the Imperials.

All in all it was an encouraging first outing for the chaos codex.  The Dark Mace will be good once it rolls higher than 1s; the cultists performed their roll well, dug in on an objective (let down by the lord, see above). Possessed are cool and I think I will regularly field spawn.

A tooled up Honour Guard in a Land Raider. Scary.

Good luck to Jim and Tim at Geelong Heresy. For next week at least I’ll be barracking for the Imperials!  Cheers.


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